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Hi. Welcome to BaevMedia,

a video production,


and film making company

Welcome to BaevMedia, a company that aims to provide high quality content, no matter what you want from us. BaevMedia largely focuses on real estate photography, video production, head-shots, group photos and film making of any nature, but BaevMedia is always pushing into new directions, so if you have something you want us to try, feel free to drop us a message on what you want from us, and we'll try our best to accommodate your needs.

Currently we are preparing to work with Across The Channel Productions on a documentary for Amazon Prime, so our schedule can be full, but don't hesitate to message us if you need high quality photography or film work, as our equipment and skill is all of an extremely high standard. Below is the owner and main producer of all BaevMedia content, Adrian Baev.

Adrian Baev shooting Castle Fashion Show trailer with a DJI Ronin S and a Sony a7iii at Durham Castle Great Hall University College Durham

Photo credited to Jessica P.Wang Photography