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BaevMedia is pushing into Wedding Photography, and the new version of the website will release soon with the updated options. This is due to the acquisition of new Sony G Master Lenses which will allow us to provide the highest quality possible on your special wedding day. If you are interested in working with BaevMedia, we will be offering a large discount on initial wedding shoots in order to increase portfolio size, so contact me quickly if you want premium quality wedding photos at a discounted price. Wedding videos are also available, and we intend to soon take ownership of a drone for even more impressive photos of the most special day in your life. Hope to hear from all of you lovebirds soon on how we can make your memories last forever in perfect clarity.

I am very excited to announce that preparation is well underway on the three part documentary series set to be released on Amazon Prime Instant Video in Christmas. Filming will be going on during the summer from the end of June to the start of July in collaboration with Across the Channel Productions. We will be reaching several countries and cities such as Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria, and we can't wait to show more about the production in the coming months. Stay tuned for more info if you're interested in the project.

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